Saturday, July 14, 2012

Testing: Deodorant

Disclaimer: I purchased the Pure Mint Deodorant. I received no compensation or free products for this review.

The Pure Mint Deodorant is a brand new product in the Pure Mint line that Arbonne introduced at the beginning of July 2012. Per the Arbonne website, the deodorant is:
An aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant infused with mint and extracts from white tea, ginger, lemongrass, sage, and tea tree that ¬fights bad odor and helps you feel fresh all day. Baking soda and vegetable enzymes help neutralize odor, blocking the effects of odor-causing bacteria and delivering gentle, effective protection. (Arbonne)
I was super excited when my product came in the mail. I ordered it alongside the new toothpaste that was released on the same day (sadly, I forgot to order the mouthwash and will have to wait until pay day to order it). I've been slowly trying to "go green" for several months now, and this was the next step for me in trying to eliminate some of the nasty chemicals I put on my body (because let's be honest, no one really wants to put aluminium on their skin; it's just not good for you). The deodorant has a very pleasant mint smell as soon as you take the cap off the stick. I think even a man can get away with wearing this one without feeling like he smells like a girl since the scent is not overpowering once applied. It's also a clear stick so there's no messy residue that's going to get on your clothes. It glides on smoothly and feels pretty soothing on my skin (I usually get razor burn since I have sensitive skin).

Full disclosure: I normally need the clinical strength deodorants that some of the big name women's brands make. To be blunt, I stink. Bad. I also sweat a lot. The first couple of days, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I worked in my air conditioned office for eight hours and played with my 17-month old son. The only time I spent in the 105degree heat was the short walk from my house to my car and back. I was relatively impressed that I didn't stink by the end of the day, especially considering that if I were using just a regular deodorant that wasn't a clinical strength one, I would have been starting to smell a bit.

Fast forward to today. I spent the morning fighting with my very cranky toddler. Then I fought with some fabric while making a tutu for my sister. I then spent a couple of hours in a crowded church celebrating the life of a dear friend's husband. It was an emotional and sweaty day. And my deodorant failed me. To be fair, it was another scorcher of a day, and you can't expect a miracle with a product that uses a minimal amount of chemicals. I've got one more test I'd like to try on this stuff before I make a final decision on how I feel about this one (I'll reapply throughout the day as I get hot or do more activities). But, yes, I reeked. Or at least I felt like I stunk, and I just was not comfortable until I was able to take a shower.

With that being said, I would recommend this to someone who is not a candidate for using either a prescription or higher strength deodorant. It smells good and goes on nicely and works if you're either not running a marathon or just not a sweaty beast (like yours truly). If you're like me though, you may want to go ahead and stay with your normal stick for now (check back here after I finish my final test to see if I've changed my mind). I'm holding out hope that reapplying when necessary will change my opinion, although I'd rather not have to carry around a stick of deodorant any time I think I'll be getting a little too warm.

Rating: 6/10


  1. great idea to start blogging on the products! Looking forward to the final decision. Thanks for sharin.

  2. I have to say, I tried to Arbonne deodorant and I did not like the product at all. I was so hoping it would be excellent since I enjoy the thought that it's all natural. But I gave it a good week and used it daily and every day I had to either reapply or I stunk very badly by the end of the day. I work in an office setting that I do not do physical labor and I still did not care the product. Hopefully, they will improve it over time.

  3. Thanks for reviewing this! I'm in the same boat as you with regards to being stinky, so far a deodorant I made has been helpful but I find I have to wipe my pits with apple cider vinegar in the am before I put it on to give it the extra boost to last the day.

  4. what is the full ingredient listing?

  5. i am so disappointed to read these comments. I tried it--trust me when I tell you I stink to high heaven if I don't use something--I wanted to go green. used this and found it remarkably good. will keep trying it and re-post.

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  7. I'm a dude, my wife recently became an Arbonne Independant Consultant and the Deoderant is one of the things I was most interested in trying. I have tried other natural deoderant products in the past to try to get away from putting aluminum under my arms, only to get much irritation. I have been using the Pure Mint deoderant for 2 weeks now and I have not had any issues with stink or with irritation. I work in a job where I spend equal amounts of time on the shop floor and in the office, and at home time I am still confident the the deoderant did its job. I love this product.